Heroine's House Surrounded By Police

By - October 06, 2014 - 01:34 PM IST

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A heroine being surrounded by police at a public event is quite common but can you imagine her house being ‘surrounded’ by the police. Well, we are not talking about a reel life situation but a real life circumstance. The heroine in discussion is Sneha Ullal and it appears that she is getting into some encounter with the cops.

All this is happening in Mumbai and Sneha revealed a bit of it through her tweet which goes like this – ‘Rowdy….some security issue at home..involving cops soon. Will tell you about it when it's sorted. Have to stay silent for now.’ 

Incidents of fans becoming stalkers of heroines have been heard but Sneha Ullal seems to be on a different ball game as she is mentioning about a Rowdy. Whether she is getting threats from someone for money or is she taking the initiative to put a bad guy to task is suspense. Maybe we can keep our fingers crossed for now and hope that Sneha comes out safe and successful out of all this.

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