Kona Venkat's Apple Joke

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The film that you see for two and half hours in theatre is generally driven by the actors and the visuals based on which you decide its fate. But behind the screen, there is a much larger force which actually puts its brains and efforts to give shape to it. The backbone for any film is its writers.

It is their dialogues and wit that entertains you. Tollywood is fortunate to have one writer whose words have been sending us into peals of laughter. He is Kona Venkat and unlike most of the times when a writer’s work goes unnoticed, Kona was not disappointed after associating with the film Loukyam. The film became a hit but more than that it is the gesture from the producer which touched him.

In his own style, Kona shared a tweet like this –

"Memu Chesina Cinemalu hit aithe kaneesam butta apples kuda ey nirmaatha ivvaledhu kani maa Loukyam nirmaata garu ekamga oka apple phone gift chesaru, Thank you Anand Prasad Garu & Bhavya creations..Keep encouraging the people who work for you. They will give their best!"

While Kona got the apple, his tweet brought smiles to all.

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