Lady Rowdy Changed Her Name

By - October 06, 2014 - 01:31 PM IST

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When you hear the word Rowdy you can only get reminded of the various bad boys of our industry who are at loggerheads with the heroes onscreen. But it is absolutely rare to hear an actress earning the tag of Lady Rowdy. But Tollywood has got one girl who shot to fame with her bad girl acts.

She is none other than Jyothi Rana and she was seen in movies like Pokiri. Julaayi and others. Known for her immense sex appeal and sharp looks, Jyothi is an active figure in the social media circuit. Now, it looks like she has gone in for a name change. This is noticed by her fans on Twitter.

Well, she has changed her handle to Sheeva Rana and it is not sure why she has done it. Some say Sheeva is her real name and Jyothi is the name given to her by Tollywood. Whatever the reasons may be, let us wish this name change gives this hot bad girl her due share of opportunities in the industry. 

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