Who Can Do Justice For Lady Filmmaker?

By - October 20, 2014 - 05:34 PM IST

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The film industry is known to be a male dominated bastion and apart from the department of actresses and heroines, the female presence is quite limited. However, with changing times, there are those gutsy and shrewd women who are breaking those barriers and one name flashes strong in that list.

She is Ekta Kapoor. Known as the baroness of small screen circuit, Ekta grew up to be a very successful film producer. But right now, she seems to be in search of some justice. Recently, Ekta had stirred a legal controversy regarding the film Drishyam. She has reportedly claimed that the story was copied from a Japanese novel and she has the rights for the book.

But then, Drishyam has already come in Malayalam, Telugu and the Tamil version is already on. Before that is done, the Hindi version is expected to kick off with Saif Ali Khan. Amidst all this, what happens to Ekta’s claims and how will she get justice is the big question making rounds in film circles. Given her shrewd nature, they feel some solution might be worked out soon.