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Music Director S.Rajeshwara Rao used to be highly unpredictable in terms of mood.  If he were angry, he would not care even a big budget producer. When he was composing for Mayabazar, he had a rift with the producers and stopped his work in between. In case of opinion differences, he never let back to question even with stalwarts like B.N.Reddy and Bhanumathi.

Once, a film producer called S.Rajeshawara Rao and asked him to come for Music sittings. He asked the music director to come in taxi, as he is unable to send the car. S.Rajeshwara Rao got infuriated listening to this and reached the venue two hours late. When the producer asked,” Sir, why there has been so much delay in coming!” Rajeshwara Rao sarcastically replied, “What to do Sir! You have asked me to come in Taxi. I was in search of it and got an auto instead. After getting into the auto and travelling after some time, I got a Taxi somewhere in between. Getting down the auto and coming in the taxi took this much of time!”

By then the producer would have realized the hard hitting and witty words of S.Rajehswara Rao!

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