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Sobhan Babu is undoubtedly called a senior in the category of second heroes in the midst of senior heroes like NTR and ANR. Sobhan Babu could manage to get a good name by acting as Savitri’s husband in Chaduvukunna Ammayilu. Though he got some opportunities after that, it took long time for him to get a much-needed break in acting career. In this case, Krishna could get chances little earlier than Sobhan Babu could. The main reason for that is Krishna could create his own trend in acting as James Bond style of films.

However, Sobhan Babu was more towards acting in family oriented films liked by Women Audience and he was recognized well by such films. It might also be so because the producers also thought on the same lines. This does not mean Sobhan Babu’s career was sidelined.  He acted in small yet memorable roles in super hit films like ‘Sitarama Kalyanam’ and ‘Lava Kusa’. Appearing as Handsome Abhimanyu in Nartanasala and acted in a duet beside the talented dancer L.Vjayalakshmi in the song “Evari Kosam Ee Mandahaasam”.  This song proved that Sobhan Babu got a good future in the field of acting. Right to that, Sobhan Babu could get a chance as full time hero in the film ‘Veerabhimanyu’. However, the surprising fact is that- even after getting such a good name, Sobhan Babu could not get many opportunities.  At that juncture, he had to accept a small role as Lord Shiva in ‘Paramanandayya Sishyula Kadha’.

He himself expressed his view saying, “For earning of few hundred rupees, I had to act by wearing a snake around my neck”. When he expected the role of Arjuna in Sri Krishnavataram, he had to act as Narada instead. After that, he got a good name in Annapurna’s “Poola Rangadu” and was the second hero opposite Vijayanirmala. He also acted opposite NTR “Nindu Hrudayalu”, “Chinna Naati Snehithulu”, acting beside Kanchana in “Kalyanamandapam” and earning praises from ANR that Sobhan Babu is the hero who could continue his legacy; Sobhan Babu had to wait for longer time to create his own wave in the field of acting. It was when the lucky doors opened for him in the form of “Pasidi Manasulu” film opposite Sarada in the lead.

In “Chelleli Kapuram” he adorned the role of an innocent hero- deviating from the regular stereotyped hero with glamour and energy. “Sampoorna Ramayanam”, “Manavudu Danavudu” followed next which changed his acting journey and he reached to greater heights in the field of acting. He arrived at one stage where he had to reject some films on his choice. Patience and attitude to wait for the right chance made Sobhan Babu a great hero.

Though his career began in a slower note, and had little hardships in between- ultimately his talent was rewarded well.

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