• Cast , Monal Gajjar, Karthika
  • BannerSiri Cinema
  • Editor Gowtham Raju
  • Cinematography Adusumilli Vijaykumar
  • Music Sekhar Chandra
  • Producer Ammiraju Kanumilli
  • Director Chinni Krishna
  • Audio release date 04 Oct 2014

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Brother of Bommali review

“A Clean Comedy Entertainer...Don't Miss!“

Posted: 07 November 2014-04:11 AM

Rama Krishna alias Ramki (Allari Naresh) and Maha Lakshmi (Karthika Nair) are fraternal twins where Lakshmi is the most dominative kid. Rama Krishna falls in love with Shruti (Monal Gajjar) but cannot marry unless his sister Maha Lakshmi gets married to her lover Harshavardhan (Harshavardhan Rane) whose marriage is fixed with some other girl. Meanwhile, Bhoopal (Vineet Kumar) and Surya Pratap are longtime friends turned foes! Surya Pratap (Nagineedu) fixs his son Harshavardhan's marriage with Shruti's nephew's lover. So, how did Ramki break this chain, unite the love couples and marry Shruti forms the plot of the story.

Karthika Nair: If you think she’s one of the heroines in this film, let us clarify she’s indeed the hero of the film. She was a killer as a dominative twin. Her dances in the film are yet another ‘Must-watch’ element in the film.

Allari Naresh: He was as usually a matchless entertainer, indeed the mastermind behind the plot. He carried the entire film upon his shoulders. His scenes with Karthika, Brahmanandam, Vennela Kishore and others are hilarious.

Monal Gajjar: If you are assuming heroines like her are just name plates in comedy entertainers like these, well, we should tell you – she is more than that in the film. Monal & Naresh always make a good pair! [By the way, please don’t expect a glamorous Monal in the film]

Brahmanandam: Unlike his earlier films, this ‘Kona Venkat’ entertains you without entering into the ring of the plot. How? [Well, you need to find it out!]

Harshavardhan Rane: This chocolate boy was impressive with his subtle performance.

The lead supporting brigade incudes Nagineedu, Vineet Kumar do a decent job while Kelly Dorjee does a splendid job as the lead baddie in the film [He too has a good backstory for a good revenge]

The bandwagon with rest of the comedians like Abhimanyu Singh, JP, Vennela Kishore, Srinivasa Reddy, Madhu et al makes this film a good laugh riot.

With a new storyline, strong lead characterization, refreshing punchy dialogues, hilarious situational comedy and engaging plot, actor turned director Chinni Krishna indeed delivered a clean paisa vasool. The dialogues in the film deserve a special mention here. Unlike comedy films of the same league, Chinni Krishna was smart enough to balance the act with no single element getting over board in the film. Getting the act short and sweet within a short run time is yet another smart move by the makers.

However, the second half and the climax could have been much better with an amplified dosage of comedy. Though actors like Brahmanandam & LB Sriram were rather underutilized, the film was like a yummy pesarattu with good amount of cashew studded upma in it!

First Half:
This was engaging enough! Naresh, Karthika, Vennela Kishore & Ali comedy are the key assets of the film. Naresh & Monal Gajjar love track and Abhimanyu Singh’s ‘EGO’ track are also amusing!

This is as usually predictable. So, you can comfortably get ready for the second half.

Second Half:
This is a joyous ride with key performances by Karthika, Allari Naresh, Srinivasa Reddy, Brahmanandam, Kelly Dorjee and Abhimanyu Singh

- The fresh storyline, interesting lead characterization and engaging narration.
- The refreshing punches in the dialogues which are indeed sensible yet not forceful.
- Amusing performances of Allari Naresh, Karthika, Kelly Dorjee, Vennela Kishore & Srinivas Reddy!
- Fights & Dances of Karthika.


- Actors like Brahmanandam, Ali and LB Sriram are under-utilized.

- A routine and feeble climax.

Shekar Chandra gives a decent album wherein the first song was well picturized in the retro style. The rest of the songs fit in the plot.

Dialogues in the film deserve a special mention! They have the right punch that is both refreshing and hilarious too. They are indeed the key assets of the film. Script Team including Vikram Raj, Praveen, Anil & Ravi did a splendid job. Besides this Editing was decent.

Bommali, her brother and their entire team give us a clean paisa vasool comedy entertainer! This weekend if you and your family are looking out for a good time pass, you can give it a shot!

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