Kona Venkat name was purely his idea: Allari Naresh

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Allari Naresh has emerged to be one of the competent young actors in modern Telugu Cinema. While doing comedy films predominantly, he also stunned the audience with superior performances in films like Gamyam and Shambho Shiva Shambho. Now the extremely talented actor is all set to entertain with a comedy flick Brother Of Bommali. Here is an exclusive interview with the brilliant actor:
Hello Naresh garu..
How did Brother of Bommali come up?
I have worked with Vikram Raj for Siddu from Srikakulam earlier and he told a very small storyline about a film which would showcases the brother-sister relationship in an absolutely new light. As we started improvising the storyline, Karthika’s character came out very well and that’s how the film has shaped up.

The role of Karthika as your sister in the film has been creating much waves already. Please tell us about her role in BoB..
Her role breaks all the clichés of a typical hero’s sister in Telugu Cinema. She is a tom boy who laughs, plays, dominates and brings up new problems for me, my love story and my friends in the film. In short, she is everything which a sister shouldn’t be (Laughs)

Was there any particular reason for casting Karthika for BoB?
As we play the role of fraternal twins, we wanted somebody who would suit my twin sister role to make it believable. When we were looking someone suitable for my personality, we thought Karthika would be a perfect choice.

As BoB is about a brother-sister, is there good scope for sentiment?
No…not totally! The film mostly revolves around fun and entertainment with a pinch of sentiment when needed.

Like your previous films, will there be any spoofs in BoB?
(Smiles) No…after Sudigadu, I firmly decided not to do spoofs in near future. There will be crisp and straight punch lines in the film without any repetitions.

What do you think is the best aspect in BoB?
The dialogues would undoubtedly be one of the key highlights in the film. Three writers namely Anil, Ravi and Praveen worked for this film under the supervision of Sridhar Seepana and Marudhuri Raja. Next is the brilliant characterization and narration. Besides that the first introduction fight and Karthika’s dance moves are the biggest highlights in the film.

How was it working with Monal Gajjar again?
It is a pleasure working with her. Monal’s role is quite crucial in the film. In fact, the entire story revolves around her character.

About Brahmanandam’s character ‘Kona Venkat’…
(Laughs) His role was initially designed to be ‘Kola’, a catering service owner. But Brahmanandam suggested that ‘Kona’ would look more upbeat. We immediately consulted writer Kona Venkat garu and listening to the line, he instantly gave a nod to use his name. Brahmanandam plays the role of a suspicious person who troubles the hero, an ultimate laugh riot!

Did you feel the pressure being a Producer for the film?
(Smiles) Many people wouldn’t have known that I worked as a cashier for my dad’s film Chala Bagundhi long back and I have been involved in the production activities of our banner. So, production isn’t new to me and I could take care of it effortlessly.

About your brother Rajesh’s support in the production?
He has been a source of constant support to me. Rajesh is quite planned and systematic in his work. It has helped me a lot. Without him, this production wouldn’t been so easy!

You have had an interesting career till now. What were the important lessons learnt during the tough times?
Well, Jump Jilani was a decent flick but somewhere it went wrong. I worked like never before for Laddu Babu and actually felt bad when the movie didn’t do well.  Later felt that, may be if we could have promoted the film as a feel good entertainer rather than commercial film, it could have been a different result. Anyhow, no regrets about any film I’ve ever done but yes, there are definitely few lessons learnt.

Can we expect off beat films from you once again?
Definitely! I absolutely loved working for Gamyam and Shambho Shiva Shambho and I will not stop doing such films. In fact, Krish spoke to me about a project in mind and let us hope it starts soon.

Any special plans for the 50th film milestone in near future?
(Smiles) No special plans but Yes, I want it to be special. It is still in the air and nothing has been concluded yet. All I can say is that it will be a remarkable comedy film.
You have plans of turning into a director. When can we see you wielding the mega phone?
(Laughs) Well, I do have a line in mind which I definitely cannot reveal now. I’m penning down whenever I could. With all the feedback and suggestions of my dear ones and eminent writers, I will announce the project. Perhaps in 2017!
Any plans of getting married in near future?
(Laughs) No…not this year! Will definitely let you know some news by my next birthday!
Thank You and wish you the best for Brother of Bommali!
Thanks a lot!

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