That's the toughest part in BoB: Karthika Nair

By - November 02, 2014 - 03:12 PM IST

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Karthika Nair is one of those dusky beauties who can create a different impact on the viewer. Her mellowed looks, stylish appearance and great dancing skills were always appreciated. Though she couldn’t have a good start with Josh opposite Naga Chaitanya, Karthika was first noticed in Rangam for her balanced performance and beauty. Now the dusky actress is all set to entertain the audience with Brother of Bommali opposite comedy sensation Allari Naresh. Here is an exclusive interview with the talented actress:

Hi Karthika..how are you doing?
Hi.. I am doing well!

Please tell us about your role in Brother of Bommali..
I did a very important role for the film. In fact , it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I say I am the second hero ! This sort of opportunity comes rarely. Usually heroines of today’s films are confined to songs and love scenes with hero. But in this film I got sufficient role where I could perform, and even work in stunts! My character has two contrasting shades- one before the interval and after it.

Were you apprehensive to accept a sister role for the first time?
I was concerned to do about doing sister character after beginning my career as a full length lead actress. My mom told not to do this role. But the director told me to listen to the story and then decide based on it. However,  I liked the story very much.  It’s a tomboyish role but there are no negative shades in the character. My character is of a very brash and aggressive girl.

It seems you did fights and tough dance movements for this film?
Yes, I did very tough floor movements for dance in this film. Choreographer Prem Rakshit composed the dances and he did an incredible job. That's the toughest part in BoB. Usually heroes do such challenging dace moves but I am glad I did this time. Naresh gave me good support during the film as well.

You are usually complimented for doing dances which are on par with hero’s moves. Your comment?
Heroes do good dances too. In the yesteryear era, my mom used to dance equally with a great dancer like Chiranjeevi Sir. Heroes those days gave good support for her to showcase her skills. If I get more such changes I’d be very pleased.

Do you face pressure relating to performance and dance as Radha’s daughter?
My mom is a legendary actress. I am just like a 10th standard student in front of her. People shouldn’t compare me with her. After seeing my work, people understood my style is different.

Your last big Telugu film was Dammu. Afterwards you were not seen much in the active film arena. Why so?
Acting is more like a passion than breadwinning job for me. I never ask people to give chances to act and only accept which come to me and provided if I like them well. However, I am getting some very good roles in Tamil and Malayalam Cinema.

Will you ever do lady oriented films?
Borhter of Bommali  is such film where my role has good scope. Usually lady oriented role features a familiar female lead in the midst of unknown faces. But in Brother of Bommali, every actor is quite familiar.

Did you find it difficult to learn Telugu being a Malayali?
Telugu is a sweet language and hence I could learn quickly. But it is difficult to dub my roles. I feel Acting is easier than dubbing. As I was surrounded by Telugu speaking people it was easy for me to learn the language.

Did you have any classical dance training in childhood?
Yes I was trained in Bharatanatyam just like in every family as a traditional act. I also got trained in international dance forms such as Salsa and Belly Dance. In fact, learning these dances is helping me in emoting and expressing well for my roles.

How do you usually react for feedback about your films? You got negative comments in your first Telugu film Josh opposite Naga Chaitanya.
I never bothered about such comments. If the director approves my scene, that is what I need the most. Coming to Josh, I acted casually but didn’t have a prior experience.

What was the care taken by you during comedy scenes in Brother Of Bommali?
The result of a comedy scene is evident in the set itself. If the crew members have a good laugh, it is an indicator that the scene has come out well! The same happened with Brother of Bommali.

What do you think are the most positive points and strengths?
My height, eyes, and eyebrows are special and unique. If I was just 5 feet in height people wouldn’t have even noticed me! If a film is a hit, then even negatives become positive. During Josh, people commented that my eyebrows were bad but after Rangam many young girls are asking to get their eyebrows done similar to mine in beauty parlors!

Upcoming films?
A new film would be starting next month. I am doing a Tamil film with Jiiva which is a performance oriented role.

Wish you the best for Brother Of Bommali!
Thanks a lot!

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