Surprising Getup Of Big Hero

By - November 04, 2014 - 01:01 PM IST

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If you are a big star, two things matter to you most, the script and the wardrobe. More than the first, it is the second because if style and fashion is not there in your clothes then you are doomed and booed by your fans. Akin to that, many big stars focus a lot on current fashion trends and dress up accordingly for their films.

But here is one big hero who might be on his way to start a new trend of ethnic fashion. He is victory Venkatesh and news is that he would be seen in a very surprising getup in his new movie Gopala Gopala. Well, Venky has chosen to be seen in complete linen Kurtas and it is heard that he would be sporting nearly 40 of such outfits.

Apparently, he is reprising the role essayed by Paresh Rawal in the original Oh My God and wants to look that age, hence this choice. The other interesting part is, this getup and styling is a choice made by Venky. Don’t forget, the film also has Pawan Kalyan so you never know what surprise he has in store.  

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