Pawan Kalyan Impresses Old Generation

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What is the first emotion you get when you think of power star Pawan Kalyan? The power of youth and the affection of the masses. Over the years, Pawan has built a fort of love in the hearts of thousands of youngsters throughout different generations. But recently he did something that made a mark with the old generation.

The power star was a special guest at the ongoing Koti Deepotsavam at the NTR Stadium in Hyderabad. This program is being telecast live in Bhakti TV channel. This is a place which sees a huge congregation of Gurujis, Swamis and others.

But Pawan Kalyan means youth and all those who are watching Bhakti comprise majorly of old people. Despite such a contrast, Pawan showed his modesty and humility by stating how he doesn’t qualify to share his thoughts in the presence of such esteemed guests and should actually be with the crowds listening to them. This struck the hearts of many present there. Pawan’s style and the way he gives value to tradition and culture is commendable.

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