CM's Love For 'Gabbar Singh'

By - November 05, 2014 - 10:00 AM IST

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For many decades, the name ‘Gabbar Singh’ sent shivers down the spine for all cine buffs because it was the infamous yet iconic character essayed by Amjad Khan in the cult masterpiece ‘Sholay’. But in Tollywood, the entire impact changed from fear to love. The reason for that is director Harish Shankar and his movie Gabbar Singh.

People began to love that name and it appears that even Chandrababu Naidu also is part of the admirers. At least that is the feeling many got after looking at a photo posted by Harish himself on his Twitter. Apparently, Harish Shankar went along with other members of Tollywood fraternity such as Veera Sanker.

They had gone to meet Naidu to offer their charity fund to Hudhud victim relief. Naidu who is known to be an uptight and reserved person is seen hugging Harish affectionately and showing an emotional side which is rare. Well, that seems to be the power of ‘Gabbar Singh’ on politicians too.

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