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Erra Bassu review

“A Dasari mark emotional roller coaster“

Posted: 14 November 2014-03:52 AM

Rajesh (Manchu Vishnu) is a software employee who falls in love with Raji (Catherine Tresa), a doctor. Rajesh gets an onsite offer and has just three months to leave for the US. So, he invites his dearest grandpa Narayana Swamy (Dasari Narayana Rao) to the city to spend some quality time with him. In a short span, he wins the heart of one and all but a series of events and deeds of the ignorant villager buys new problems for his grandson Rajesh. What problems did the old grandpa create, how did Rajesh deal with them and what happened to the most endearing grandpa forms the plot of the story.

Dasari Narayana Rao: Besides a maverick director, we know he is an exceptional actor. This film has brought back Dasari for us. He just lived in the character of the grandpa and carried the entire family upon his shoulders.

Manchu Vishnu: He unleashed his best in this film. His scenes with Dasari especially in the second half are the true assets of the film.

Catherine Tresa: She gave her best to the limited role offered.

Brahmanandam & MS Narayana: Though this film has this most popular comedian duo, due to lack of substance and a contemporary touch in the comedy, it fails to evoke any laughter.

The rest of the cast including Raghu Babu, Viswanath, Surekha Vani, Hema, Krishnudu et al try their best to engage you.  

The legendary director and most celebrated creator Dasari has taken up yet another challenging job of telling a heartwarming story of a grandpa and his grandson defying all formulas and market sentiments. Besides being a remake of a Tamil film Manjapai, this film remains to be a typical Dasari mark emotional drama.

Going into the story, the director has once again showed us what magic a true actor can do. He extracted the best form Manchu Vishnu as well. The emotional sequences through the film were churned out well. In spite of the slack narration, insipid comedy and imposed songs, this film manages to engage with its emotional quotient.

First Half: The film that starts off on an active note with the love track of the lead pair gambols between the love track and the ignorant stunts of the grandfather. Dasari, Vishnu & Catherine are the key assets of this segment.

Interval Episode: The intense pre-interval episode is undoubtedly predictable!

Second Half: This much anticipated segment of the film takes on an emotional roller coaster ride. Dasari delivered stellar performance and Vishnu has put up equally. All the emotional sequences and the climax episode go beyond expectations.

In a nutshell, it is a passable first half and emotional second half.

- The storyline and heart-tugging content in the film that is pleasing for the family and Dasari fans.
- Performances of Dasari, Vishnu, Catherine & Raghu Babu.
- Decent Music and re-recording by Chakri.

- Lackadaisical comedy that totally ignores the tastes of the contemporary Telugu crowds.
- Songs looked enforced.

Erra Bassu has a decent album from Chakri. Though the songs looked a bit forced, the choreography in the songs was good.

Cinematography by Ice Cream fame Anji was decent enough. The special animation episode of the flocking crows is amusing and commendable. It is certainly one of the special add ons to the story.

Erra Bassu is a Dasari mark emotional roller coaster. You can watch it for the good story it offers and some stellar performances of the legendary director Dasari and the talented Vishnu.

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