It's a security guard's 'SAHASAM': versatile maker Yeleti

By - May 07, 2013 - 12:55 PM IST

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If he said “Anni cinemalu okkala undav”, we nodded a big “YES”. When he stashed an entire day of Charmi in 'Anukokunda Oka Roju' (2005), we were bewildered at his narrative style and if most of us got to know about ‘Bombay blood group’, we have to admit that it was because of director CHANDRASEKHAR YELETI [Thanks to his film 'Okkadunnadu' (2007). But if his blood, action and dark stories make you conclude that he is a ‘Serious filmmaker’, sorry you got him totally wrong. He is the man who tickled our funny rib with his laugh riot TV serial ‘Amrutham’. Yes boss, we have learnt that  “anni serials okela undavu”. Now, he is all set to take us on  a roller-coaster ride in the quest of some chest in the name of ‘Sahasam'. He excited us about his killing adventure. Now you too can have a look here…

Can’t wait hearing about your most anticipated adventure film ‘Sahasam’ in your words…

I have worked on this script for one and half year. This is an action, adventurous oriented film. Treasure hunt is the backdrop but is out and out a new subject with a different storyline. Gopichand will be seen in the role of security guard and will be fighting for his share of property. I strongly believe that this will be a milestone film for both Gopichand and me.

10 years of your filmy career. How was the journey?

I always believe that script is the hero of a film. Unless you have content nothing really matters, this was proved in many cases. So I make sure that script is thoroughly prepared before I board the sets. And I like to concentrate on one film at a time rather than hustling with multiple films in a row. May be that’s why I take a lot of time in making a film. In these 10 years of my filmy career, I have made only 4 films and my fifth is soon arriving. All of them got good reviews but did not make money. That’s it!

So who has accompanied you in this adventure?

Well, I owe a lot to my technicians in this regard. Be it Sri who has done the music or Shyam Dutt, my cinematographer. I have to say they have done a tremendous job. Generally this kind of a subject needs an outstanding re-recording and background score, when I approached Sri with this subject; he was as excited as me. We have 3 songs in the film that too situational which take the story ahead. Sri composed them excellently and the post-production work is going. Hopefully this movie will give Sri the much needed break.

Coming to Shyam Dutt, for the first time I’m working with him and he made the job so easy to us. We have shot in some exotic locations for this film and they have come out really well. No words for his work, I’m so happy to be associated with Shyam. His next is with South India’s top director Shankar and that’s how one’s work should speak out!

About your producer BVSN Prasad, the businessman! How did you both get along?

He is one of the best producers I worked with. Not bothering about the budget he did everything for this project. He did put so much money not just for the sake he should but he completely counted in me and my script. Even I am not pro-splurging. Filmmaking is not all about fat budgets. We have efficiently invested as the script demanded. I wish the movie to be a big hit and bring success to both my hero and money to my producer.

Your next projects?

I have decided to increase my pace of filmmaking. Hereafter I will come up with one movie every year. Currently I’m working on ‘Sahasam’ and will wrap it up by this month end and I will start my next project in June. Also I have 2 scripts under my belt and will take them to floors one at a time.

Finally we wish to hear about this distinct filmmaker in his own words…

Well, I have my own style of making films with a ton of my guru Gunnam Gangaraju’s influence and inspiration. That’s why I make films on strong scripts and thanks to the audience for appreciating my work.

Ok Mr. Chadrasekhar, All the very best for ‘Sahasam’ and all your future endeavors!

Thank You.

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