Kajal and Anjali Missing!

By - December 09, 2013 - 03:16 PM IST

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Ok fans chill… fortunately nothing has happened to them. Hope they are busy having their time somewhere on this planet.

We are only missing them on our 70mm for this Sankranthi season. Sankranthi is a crucial season for Tollywood and our stars as they have cinema ‘kodis’ in the cockfight every year and look forward to kickstart the year with a hit! Well Kajal and Anjali are the two divas who scored hits in the same Sankranthi season last year [Naayak and SVSC]. They both had a consecutive ‘B’ hits Baadshah and Balupu respectively after that. But, Anjali leaped ahead with Masala later while Kajal is not seen anywhere after Baadshah. Instead this curvy damsel got busy in Kollywood and might probably bid farewell to this year from Kollywood only.

There is not even a spec of news of their upcoming projects. Kajal who has seen limelight through Tollywood has reportedly hiked her remuneration and has now got busy in Kollywood while Anjali is too occupied with her own personal disturbances [We still remember the missing episode of Anjali!]. These seem to be the key reasons behind her dim prospectus.

Unlike 2013, both Kajal and Anjali are not seen in the picture for this Sankranthi season and their fans are missing them like hell! Hope they come back soon for good!