Manchu Manoj and Sumanth start a new trend

By - January 18, 2014 - 05:40 PM IST

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We have great entertainers in our Tollywood. We boast of our heroes minting millions both inside and outside the country. In fact to entertain us, paapam our heroes often break their heads from film to film. As a part of it, they often apprehend to experiment also [Otherwise, we would have been leaders long back...Just saying!]

But, some warriors like Manoj Manchu and Sumanth bow to nothing. They are here to break the stereotypes. Be it out of boredom or for sheer versatility, they often pitch the rough patch and show us new light always. Now wondering why we pounced upon them? Well they have both revived an old trend mastered by senior actors like Rajendra Prasad, Naresh and many others.

Sumanth and Manchu Manoj are sporting all new lady getups in their upcoming flicks Emo Gurram Egaravachu (EGE) and Pandavulu Pandavulu Thummeda (PPT) respectively. They are in a way outsmarting each other with their new looks. If Manoj is believed to have burst a 1000 wala comedy track in the film with this lady getup, Sumanth is reported to have delivered an epic classical performance [that even professional classical dancers would envy!] in EGE.

Though the common cine-goer is assumed to be enjoying this, our cine-lovers who are concerned big time about Telugu cinema are worrying if our heroes are really lost in finding ways to entertain us. They refer to classic performances by Rajendra Prasad in Madam and Naresh in Chitram Bhalare Vichitram and accuse these are no match to those performances and turn down these to be sheer mean publicity stunts [Verdict passed but excuse us! Did EGE and PPT release without our notice?!]

On the other hand “Until the common man is entertained, nothing is wrong!” goes our entertainers’ mantra. Meanwhile, you folks have fun!