Sai Dharam Tej's Rey Audio Review

By - January 18, 2014 - 12:21 PM IST

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Rey is an upcoming entertainment film directed by Y.V.S.Chowdary and launch of yet another Mega hero Sai Dharam Tej as the hero. Music for the film is composed by Chakri and here is an iqlik exclusive review of the album:

Song1: The album starts off in Hip-Hop genre style track “Girls” sung well by Ranjith. The peculiar lyrics by Chandrabose explaining about the nature of infatuation and the 'Boys vs Girls debate' goes well for a while. But the tune in charanam irresistibly reminds us of the alltime superhit number of the one and only Megastar “Chaila Chaila” from Shankar Dada MBBS.

Song2: "Oh Dear..." arrives next with a prelude of poetic touch and launching to a crescendo with paced up rhythm.  The track tries to be appealing and does sound like a trance composition and the singer  Hema Chandra does a fairly mediocre job for it.

Song3: "Rey Theme.." comes off in a breezy fashion with an overdose of percussions and chorus . However, the bass work for this track is done well.

Song4 Golimar Remix: The album gets a remix touch with 'Golimar' next which starts with the famous lines from “Ye Chikita” of Pawan Kalyan’s Badri. This song is a remix version of Chiranjeevi starrer song “Golimar” from Donga (1985) where he performed no less than popstar Michael Jackson. However, this version is a zesty mass entertainer with  superregotary percussions and orchestration. Definitely not a match to the older version. Sorry music lovers...Thumbs down!

Song4: "Priyathama..." arrives with an apparent estrangement styled composing sung by Chakri. The trance beats take a back seat and some good string section is heard.  The track us along with a Arabic styled singing and leaves us in a no man’s land.

Song5: "Dance..." is a track which makes its rhythmic appearance with fusion of Spanish and 80s style beats. This track also has superfluent orchestration and the singing also adds to it quite magically.

Song6: "Rey Manthra.." is a theme track with Hip Hop and Hard Rock blend and has some good use of guitar in Cow Boy style. An absolute pep to the album.

Song7: "Power of Rey.." is again a showcase of percussions with additional chorus and rap sections making it mind-boggling for the listener. The track surprisingly has inspirational beauty of a loop from A.R.Rahman’s Theme “The Thump of Daud” from Bollywood movie Daud and the rhythm sections from Michael Jackson’s They Don’t Care About Us.

Verdict: "Rey..." is a typical Chakri mark album that fumbles to make a lasting impact on the listener. But, most of the tracks desperately try to elevate the hero’s image. But the by default overdose of orchestration for every track makes it itchy for a pleasant hearing.

Rating: 2.5/5