7 Interesting things you may not know about Tollywood

By - February 17, 2014 - 04:18 PM IST

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Yes…Cinema is a glitzy world. But it is a weird world too. It indeed has a ‘Dasavathaaram’ and the outer world gets to see 2 or 3 faces normally. But some faces are truly amazing, interesting and bizarre!

Today we have decided to let you know those facts which fall under the ‘interesting’ category and your job shall be to feel “is it?” for all of them.

Do you know that Yevadu, the recent Mega hit of Ram Charan was originally touted to have been planned with Jr. NTR and Kalyan Ram? For reasons unknown it did not materialize and later the project worked out with the Mega compound. And the rest is a well-known history!

Similarly, Surender Reddy’s Oosaravelli was initially planned with young energetic hero Ram. But again, it was fortunately brought to life by Young Tiger NTR.

We know what kind of a blockbuster was Kick. It indeed revived Ravi Teja’s career (though his acting is still in the same hangover!). But guess what, it was initially planned with Aadi (Sai Kumar’s son). It is still unknown what on earth went wrong and the project finally worked with Ravi Teja.

And an intense action love drama Bhadra was earlier narrated to Allu Arjun. Bunny although interested, felt the story to be inappropriate for him at that moment. So, he supposedly referred Boyapati to Dil Raju. And there you go, Bhadra – a block buster but with Ravi Teja!

Even in the past, it is even believed that Saagara Sangamam was earlier offered to legendary actress Jayasudha. But, Jayaprada was lucky enough to bag the classic.

Such interesting stuff still keeps happening. To mention instances more recently…

Basanti, the much anticipated re-entry of Raja Goutham (Brahmanandam’s son) is believed to be a story planned with Nikhil. But at the end of the day, it has seen the light with Goutham.

And the forthcoming untitled project of Ram directed by Gopichand Malineni is touted to be a script initially narrated to Allu Arjun. But, it was brought onto wheels with Ram.

Well, a film is often regarded to as a seed. It takes birth somewhere, lands somewhere and sometimes grows somewhere else [Oh!! Got a bit heavy comparison?] But that’s the truth. Well, this absolutely has no solid substantiation and is a highly variable process. What Ram liked might not interest Allu Arjun and what is destined to work out with NTR might not end up near Ram Charan.

The best part is that our heroes have absolutely no qualms about it and the most amazing part here is that some of our heroes do suggest the right pick for the subject that came to them. Incredible isn’t it?