Pawan Kalyan New Political Party Updates

By - March 12, 2014 - 07:29 PM IST

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The name of Pawan Kalyan’s new political party has been declared as Jana Sena. And, as per the reports - a lot of thought process had gone into the final decision. Digging deeper into the news has revealed that the official website of the party (janasena.in) was registered a couple of weeks back on the name of Konidela Pawan Kalyan. The address, email id and phone numbers were also used for the domain registration…

On the other hand, there’s a strong rumor floating around about the party name. It’s being said that the election commission of India is yet to approve the name of Jana Sena and the allotment of a common symbol is also still in the waiting. The shortage of time is being cited as the main obstacle for the new name registration and every one’s shocked about the delay of Pawan Kalyan and his team in this issue. As there’s still a hope left for the approval, the symbol is not being announced officially.

If there’s really a rejection from EC, Pawan Kalyan will be going to field his 20+ candidates as Independents and might reserve the common name/symbol for 2019 elections… We’ve to wait and see if the magic of Power Star works here or not!