Weekend Love Audio - A Refreshing Romantic One

By - April 13, 2014 - 06:28 PM IST

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Weekend Love is an upcoming romantic film starring Realstar Late Srihari, Adith and Supriya Shailaja in the lead roles. Directed by Naagu Gavara and produced by Madhu Thota, music for this film is composed by Shekhar Chandra.  Here is an exclusive music review of the album:

The album begins with a party track All the Sexy Girls with some paced up singing and House mix styled orchestration. The music is essentially electronic suiting the youthful flavor of the film’s theme.  The vocalists do a fairly decent job for a track of this sort.

It is time for some breeziness with Edo Edo Chebuthondhi in the midst of competent string section and good rhythm programming. The lyrics are fairly good with interesting progressive orchestration making it an enjoyable hearing.  However, the female vocalist could have delivered much better for an expressive track like this.

Ninu Choosthe
arrives next with some energy supported by indigenous rhythm section. The vocalist performs with great vigor and makes sure the fun element is evident in the track. The interludes are woven with a folk styled flavor blended with Trance beats.

A groovy solo Oka Pranam is composed with good rhythm sense and the usage of Hip- Hop supporting vocals is done well. The usage of guitar in the interludes in the combination of guitar adds value to the composition. However, the vocalist could have sounded better for a competent tune of this sort.

Emaindho Emo
is a sweet duet with interesting rhythm blended with guitar touches and confident progressive style. This track definitely wins over the other tracks in the album for what it offers.  The interludes are fairly presented without noisy moments.

The album enters a finale stage with Manasu Manasara with a groovy rhythm and gripping orchestration. The vocalist performs with a classy touch and the electric guitar bass work is used well. However, the track lacks few changeover points which would have made it even more enjoyable.

Weekend Love is a decent album from Shekhar Chandra. The album has good dosage of melodies and interesting compositions. However, lack of commercial elements may not appeal for the commercial audience.

Rating: 3/5

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