Will Pawan Lean Towards Modi?

By - June 10, 2014 - 12:24 PM IST

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It is known news that power star Pawan Kalyan played a key role in the recently concluded elections which led to the victory of TDP in Seemandhra. The best part is, Pawan did this without any expectations. However, TDP and their ally BJP are not neglecting that.

Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reportedly requested Pawan to take up a minister post under special recommendation. Buzz is that Pawan said no and now some persuasions are happening. If that goes through, will he accept a ministerial berth or will he stick to movies is the question that is making rounds all over.

As of now Pawan is sticking to movies and right now his image and reputation is perfect. But if he gives in to the persuasion and takes up the post then he might have to face the brickbats. So, is it Modi or movie, we have to wait and see which path the power star takes.

Adding to this, the expectations and focus on Pawan will be more than on any minister, due to his cine glamor. He will be lauded for sure if he meets up the expectations with his portfolio. But what happens, otherwise, is a big question! 

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