Nandamuri Lion - From a Cub To Legend

By - June 10, 2014 - 01:52 PM IST

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Nandamuri Balakrishna (Popularly known as Balayya) needs no introduction in Tollywood. Being a son of one of the greatest actors Telugu Cinema has ever seen – Sr.NTR, Balakrishna made an entry as a child artist to Telugu films during early 70s. Most of his films as a child artist were in Sr.NTR’s films and one noted performance of his dates back to Annadammula Anubandham (Remake of popular Bollywood movie Yaadon Ki Baarat). He even acted in Sr.NTR’s mythological epic Daana Veera Soora Karna during late 70s.

Rise to Stardom..

It was with Mangammagari Manavadu which had Suhasini and veteran actor Bhanumathi in the lead brought Balakrishna the much needed break in Telugu Cinema as a big time hero.  Balakrishna always had a penchant for Mythological roles just like his father and his performance as ‘Siddappa’ in Shrimat Virat Veerabrahmendra Swami Charitra was critically acclaimed.  He rose to commercial prominence with hits like Apoorva Sahodarulu, Muvva Gopaludu, Nari Nari Naduma Murari and Lorry Driver.

Artistic Associations to Factionist Films..

His association with versatile director Singeetham Srinivasa Rao began with the only Time Travel Telugu film ever made- Aditya 369 that released in 1991. The film featured Balakrishna as the main hero as well as the role of Emperor Sri Krishnadevaraya which earned great name for him. In fact, a sequel to the film is also currently in the cards. Their association continued with another popular film Bhairava Dweepam which dealt with socio fantasy and folklore themes. This film was a huge hit again and is termed as an important milestone in his career. Another film which came in their combination is Sri Krishnarjuna Vijayam which was based on Indian Epic Mahabharata.

In the 90s, his next breakthrough came with Samarasimha Reddy where he acted as a powerful factionist leader from Rayalaseema. It created a new wave of Telugu Cinema which featured the realistic issues of Rayalaseema region of AP.

Experimentation Continues..

Balakrishna continued to experiment in different roles and characterizations all through his career graph. Having a strong liking for mythological, art and adventurous movies, Balakrishna tried out most of the movie genres like his father Sr.NTR did. Playing the role of Lord Rama in Sri Rama Rajyam (2011) , which was done by Sr.NTR in Lava Kusa itself shows his interest in doing challenging roles.  He has undoubtedly inherited the love for Telugu Language and Fine Arts from his father Sr. NTR and often finds it fascinating to discuss about History, Vedas and so on with knowledgeable people in that area. His personal love for music makes it obvious that his films have great soundtracks with at least one classical music oriented song. It is even said that he takes special care in various aspects of movie filming and he is a true director’s actor.

Happening Year as an actor..

Balakrishna has had a great year this time with success not only as an actor but also in his new avatar as a politician. After a tough hiatus in between to get the right break with a blockbuster hit, his association with director Boyapati Sreenu with Legend became the most talked about performance of this year. The unique and matured appearance and great histrionics added much to the character of ‘Legend’ he portrayed in this film. Fans as well as common film goers were delighted to see the actor get back his form in style. His utmost care in the accessories, including the unique stylized bike he rode became vogue now.

Political Breakthrough..

It has been a busy year for Balakrishna with active campaign for his father’s party Telugu Desam along with Nara Chandrababu Naidu this time. The campaign got much more push with the release of Legend film and rightfully, Balakrishna has been elected as the MLA in this elections. He is a happy man with things getting in place in perfect timing now.

Now he is determined to dedicate himself to the service of his constituency as a responsible MLA after fulfilling all his prior movie commitments.

iQlikmovies wishes Nandamuri Balakrishna a very happy birthday and wish that his success double this year!

Did You Know: It is said that Balakrishna never uses the same make up kit for every new film and the wigs he wear for every film are imported from foreign countries.

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