Taste Ice Cream With Auto Nagar Surya

By - June 25, 2014 - 11:44 AM IST

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Wait! This is not any other special promotional campaign by the Auto Nagar Surya team to cover up the delay.

Going into the details, RGV made Ice Cream trailer shall be projected along with Deva Katta’s Auto Nagar Surya movie. Tie ups of these sorts are quite common in the industry and this is yet another one. However, Deva Katta is a big fan of RGV who is quite close to the Akkineni family too. So, Ice Cream trailer is being projected in the theaters along with ANS.

Meanwhile, ANS is preparing to come on the promised 27th of June overcoming all the last minute hurdles and even producer Dil Raju is apparently helping him out, according to the inside talk.

So, taste the hot and sweet Ice Cream absolutely FREE on ANS ticket.

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