Telugu Media Shocks Ram Gopal Varma

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Usually RGV surprises and entertains everyone with his unpredictable answers to some clichéd questions. But this time something inverse has happened to the ace director.

In a recent conversation with media as a part of his Ice Cream press meet, Ram Gopal Varma made some negative remarks on media. Upon a question of an oblivious film journalist, RGV has reportedly went on record saying “I know that the standards of Telugu media have degraded but not to this extent”.

Deeply hurt by these comments, the entire community of film journalists has boycotted the recent press meet arranged by Ice Cream producer the day before.  The entire print, television and web media has walked out of the room leaving RGV in absolute astonishment.

Stunned RGV in utter resentment carried on to talk with actually no media in the room. RGV, the dearest friend of media and a person who survives on publicity has faced the music for his comments, probably for the first time.

“RGV shocks...Media Rocks – Tit for Tat”, say cine pundits!

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