Sampoornesh- Pluck or Luck

By - July 05, 2014 - 11:55 AM IST

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An unexpected sensation that swept Tollywood by its feet is Sampoornesh Babu. His step to fame was through the internet and his debut flick Hrudaya Kaleyam became a hit. However, Sampoo’s detractors started saying it is pure luck. But only luck will not suffice in the industry, even hardwork is required.
Sampoo’s case reminds of a poem which goes like this:
"He worked by day, And toiled by night.
He gave up play, And some delight.
He plodded on with Faith and pluck;
And when he won, Men called it luck"
Well, here’s something that can challenge the ‘pure luck’ allegation. 

Sampoornesh Babu has signed 6 films. One is a Superstar’s film wherein he is doing a guest role. Second - A big Production House who produced more than 30 plus films is doing a project with Sampoo as hero. Third- he is doing an important role in a comedy film which is going to be released in Jan 2015. Fourth- A New Banner with a new director but a different storyline, Sampoo is the hero and it will start in October. Fifth- he is doing a guest role, it is a small film but for friendship he is doing a 3 minutes role, the shooting is completed. Sixth- It is titled as ‘Kobbari Matta’ and will start in August.

It is heard that Sampoornesh started his life at a very low level and he used to earn a meager Rs 10,000 per month. Even his debut flick ‘Hrudaya Kaleyam’ he did for free but today everything has changed. What say now?

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