Hot Intimate Scene in 'Maaya'

By - July 16, 2014 - 02:23 PM IST

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In the recent years, Bollywood has seen drastic changes, lip lock and bold movies have become quite common in Bollywood. But it must be said that Tollywood has got its own reservations on few things, especially lip locks and lovemaking scenes. However, there are always exceptions and one film which might be in that list is the much awaited flick Maaya.
Grapevine is hot that the film has got a hot intimate scene. Harshavardhan Rane is paired up with two beauties Avantika and Sushma Raj. So it is not sure which girl is involved in this intimate scene. Those who saw the first cut of the film have leaked report about this scene.
Since it is a Neelakanta movie, it would be bold but not so erotic to be censored. Even in his earlier movie Missamma, Neelakanta shot a sensual song between Sivaji and Bhumika but it remains to be an aesthetic one. The film is hitting the screens on August 1. So the suspense prevails.

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