Actress Wants To Die For Big Hero

By - July 16, 2014 - 03:13 PM IST

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Films are all about glamour, name, fame and money, it’s a different world altogether and the film Heroes are often treated as demi-gods. It’s quite common to see the girls going bonkers over film stars and some of them going crazy enough to land up at the star’s homes and begging to marry them. But they are not the only ones. Even some of the film actresses are also crazy fans of few stars. One big hero who made the girl crazy is none other than Bollywood Badshah Shah Rukh Khan.
The Bollywood Baadshah has got a charisma hard to match when it comes to attracting women. Now, one actress who is ready to die for him is our very own Sanjjanaa Archana of Bujjigadu fame. The hot babe shared her feelings through a tweet which goes like this -‘I love Shahrukh Khan, I can die for him, I'm his biggest fan ever, Watching ‘Pardes’ for more than the 100th time, can someone plz let him know??’
Well, whether King Khan would be notified of this or not, fans of Sanjjanaa have discovered her craze for SRK. Well, this is one mystery which many men have not been able to solve about this Bollywood superstar.

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