Does Film Review Impact Film Business?

By - August 01, 2014 - 10:58 AM IST

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From a long time there has been a debate on whether the film reviews are going to impact the business of a film at the box office. With social media and internet becoming rampant, it must be said that the reviews have taken a significant place to determine the fate of a film. But there is also another side to it.
If one has to draw an analysis on past records, it is looking clear that the reviews may not impact big hero films but for small films it does create a lot of difference. This is more in terms of satellite business which is quite critical these days. Secondly, based on rating audience decides whether to watch the film or not.
For big films the issue is not there due to Star charisma or director branding. That way, big films have run despite negative reviews and even after getting positive reviews they have also flopped. But on the other hand, a negative review for a small cinema can never turn into a hit or a positive review on small cinema can never make it a flop.

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