Beautiful Rakshasi's Sincere Request

By - August 01, 2014 - 11:53 AM IST

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The word Rakshasi generally signifies someone who is ugly or scary but after the arrival of the film Andaala Rakshasi this word got beautified as it is tagged to a pretty starlet. She is none other than Lavanya Tripathi and recently this girl came up with a ‘sincere’ request which is evoking some reactions.
Well, Lavanya tweeted like this – ‘Whateva website it is if they dont know the right info they shouldn’t write it:) sincere request’.
Some of the cine seniors who read this are giving her a piece of advice. They say “Lavanya is in a primitive stage of her career. She must know that websites and media keep writing on top league heroines also. As long as it is not hitting her personal thing she must not get affected by it.
Professionally a lot of stuff is written and it will continue, if she starts reacting to this then her mobile will never stop ringing. Given the age of Facebook and Twitter this is quite rampant and on an increase mode. Of course, media must also ensure they don’t rub anything sensitive or personal but as of now it is better Lavanya gets immunity on this and focuses on her career.” Are you listening beautiful Rakshasi?

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