Why Future Film Industry in Tada?

By - August 01, 2014 - 12:25 PM IST

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With Andhra Pradesh split into two, the film industry suffered a big dent in terms of governing. Since then, strong grapevine is on that Tollywood will shift from Hyderabad to Vizag. But here is another talk which is looking more reliable. It is heard that Daggubati Suresh and his syndicate is looking at Tada in Nellore district as the new destination.
There is a valid reason behind that. Tada is 65 kms from Chennai and 80 kms from Tirupati and a lot of land is there. Though Tollywood is settled in Hyderabad, it still depends on Chennai for key technicians, sound, music recording and instrumentals. Even today that is happening on a large scale.
So, if Tollywood goes to Tada then it is in Andhra border but with close proximity to Chennai. Though studios are there in Vizag, the overall perspective is, industry will have more benefits if it shifts to Tada. Already, the uninterrupted power supply for AP is a great advantage.
These are few tempting points and some are showing interest to shift there. But the only catch is those who got used to Hyderabad weather cannot stand coastal Andhra’s sultry weather. Otherwise some are saying it is not an issue since Chennai is quite close and helps work. Maybe this generation may not go but next generation will go depending on how the situation in Hyderabad will be.


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