'G2' Is Not Just 'D2'

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After putting the cine buffs and fans of power star Pawan Kalyan into many boubts of confusion and anxiety, the much talked about project Gabbar Singh 2 is finally taking the first step towards its making. Director Sampath Nandi is reportedly giving the final touches to the script based on the inputs from Pawan Kalyan.
While that is happening, a new topic has popped up. It is about the story of the film. Apparently, Gabbar Singh was the remake of the Bollywood blockbuster Dabangg starring Salman Khan. Eventually, Salman also hopped into the sequel and made Dabangg 2 which didn’t really sizzle as much as the first part.
But the plot of Dabangg 2 was more like a continuation. However, sources close to Sampath Nandi’s camp reveal that Gabbar Singh 2’s script and story is going to be entirely different from the first part. Well, the fact that the film is indeed materializing is good enough for the power star fans and they are looking forward to it with enthusiasm.

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