Police Sentiment for Mahesh Babu

By - August 04, 2014 - 02:54 PM IST

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The concept of sentiments run strong in the entertainment industry and even the top most stars are no exception to it. Now, the name of superstar Mahesh Babu is also being brought into this club. Well, the new talk from the Film Nagar circles is that Mahesh seems to have developed a sentiment towards his roles.
He looks keen to work in cop roles. Apparently, Mahesh’s golden turn came with the film Pokiri and it became a historical blockbuster in Tollywood. Later, he did Dookudu which again proved to be one of the biggest hits in his career. In both these films, Mahesh was seen as a cop and many connected to his role strongly.
Now, based on these parameters, he seems to have donned the Khaki uniform once again for his forthcoming venture Aagadu. Whether it is just a coincidence or there really is an element of sentiment in it, Aagadu is coming with huge expectations and if it becomes another big blockbuster then the Police sentiment becomes a trend.

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