Gaalipatam is a Concept Based Entertainer- Sampath Nandi Interview

By - August 06, 2014 - 08:48 PM IST

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Sampath Nandi is a busy man doing dual role as a producer as well as a director now. After beginning his career with a bold film like Yemaindhi Ee Vela, he got a big chance of directing Ram Charan for Racha. Now he is producing Aadhi starrer Gaalipatam which is scheduled to release. He is also directing the most anticipated sequel Gabbar Singh 2 starring Pawan Kalyan. Here is an iQlik exclusive chit chat with the talented film personality:
Hello Sampath garu..
How did the idea of Gaalipatam come for you?
I was roommates with Naveen Gandhi before my debut film. After Racha, Yemaindhi Ee Vela, the sittings for Gabbar Singh 2 were going on. After the sittings, I used to meet all these people. I was busy meanwhile with the sittings. My friends were waiting when I would do a film with them. They wanted to do a concept based film with inspiration from Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s style of making. Naveen Gandhi had good scripts with him before and I felt it was good to make a film with him after hearing this script.

Your films usually have lot of action sequences. How does Gaalipatam differ from them?
Gaalipatam is a totally different film compared to Racha or Gabbar Singh 2. This film is more like Bollywood films Love Aaj Kal , Jab We Met genre. The film has realistic characters. There is no melodrama or cinematic touch in the film. The characters have complete justification. I am totally confident about the script of the film. I am sure it will elevate my career as well.

Based on what you say, Gaalipatam seems to be a totally experimental film for Telugu Cinema. Do you think our Telugu Audience would accept such a novel attempt?
I believe completely that this would work in Telugu. Yemaindhi Ee Vela came out with less expectations but it is called as a cult film by people like Maruthi. I tried to show the culture of girls and guys in Ameerpet. Though people were taken aback with the reality, even a star like Chiranjeevi appreciated the climax.  Such films are coming in Hindi and Tamil but people are getting scared to make such films in Telugu. In  Yemaindhi Ee Vela , I wanted to be too realistic by showing shocking realities but I tried not to be overboard in Gaalipatam and the reason why it is given an A certificate would be understood if you watch the film.

Do you think Gaalipatam would suit family audience?
These days if a film has too many fights, or any radical content, censor board is giving it an A certificate.  I was asked to remove the love making scene in the film by the censor board, but I insisted that the scene should be there as it would elevate the film’s script. But the film isn’t uncomfortable for any section of audience.

How was it working with the hero Aadhi in this film?
Till now, Aadhi was doing somewhat loud styled films and having electrifying dances. Coming to Gaalipatam, everything is very subtle in it. Aadhi used to call me to confirm about how he should emote for a scene, despite having Naveen on the sets. He even said that out of all his films, Aadhi said this is his best film.

Is there any special reason for casting Erica in this film?
It was a total coincidence. I was doing auditions for Gabbar Singh 2 with Ajay Vincent.  She was very confident and honest in her speech when she said that even if she doesn't get Gabbar Singh 2, she is alright with it.  I told her father about this project and if interested she can act. I must thank Sharath because of him she came in the film.

Which role is more difficult? Director or Producer?
Well I must say it is the producer because I have experience as director for nearly ten years. I learnt editing, technicalities in this period. Regarding producer, I don’t know much. All I know is to bring a good film to the audience. I gave all the responsibilities to M.S.Kumar, a good friend of mine who helped me to make Emaindhi Ee Vela. Even now I can say I have zero knowledge in Production (Smiles).

After Racha, Gabbar Singh 2 came up. Despite towering expectations , you seem to be very cool about the film. How come you get so much confidence?
My tension and nervousness lasts only until I write the script. Once I am confident about the script and my writing, I don’t worry much about how the film would turn up. I have a very good team who give me the right feedback about it. Most of them are new for Gaalipatam, and they were very passionate. I never felt pressure at all.

What about the rumors propping up regarding Gabbar Singh 2?
I cannot comment much about it right now. Sharath garu will be talking about it very soon.

 Yemaindhi Ee Vela  was comparatively a small film. You did a big film like Racha later and even bigger venture Gabbar Singh 2 now. How are you handling the surmounting pressure?
On the very first day as director, I was quite overwhelmed.  But after that I never felt such pressure at all. Even during Racha, I was quite cool about my work. Even my partners in Gaalipatam call me anxiously about the outcome every week. But all I believe is that the writing should be quite good, so that the result will be automatically fetching.

There is a talk outside that the budget for Gaalipatam has gone little higher. Is it true?
When I spoke with my partners initially, we finalized on a certain budget. But after the film goes in shooting, I got many suggestions about technicians and how it can be better. I never did budgeting before and the director wanted to make a good output. For example, I wanted Adnan Sami to sing a song for the film. For native singers the remuneration is comparatively less. That is the only reason why the budget has increased and I am sure there is no wastage of budget at all.  We never did a reshoot of any scene also. 

Any particular highlight in Gaalipatam?
Dialogues and music would be the biggest highlight. Climax is definitely the best in recent times.

Which style of filmmaking do you like? Commercial or Concept based Cinema?
I can say I like directing commercial films and writing for concept based films.

How do you feel about the music of Gaalipatam?
I am very happy with the feedback by Aditya Music. It has been rare to see all the five songs in a film getting hit in recent times.

Upcoming Films?
Nothing as of now because my focus is on the current film. If the feedback is good, I would go ahead with the next project. As a producer, I would do radical films and in direction I would do commercial films.

Okay..Thanks a lot and wishing you the best for Gaalipatam!
Thank you very much!