Comedy Ka Baap In Tollywood

By - August 26, 2014 - 11:56 AM IST

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Unlike the other film circuits in the south, Tollywood has been class apart in terms of its making standards and the grandeur. But most importantly, it has strongly believed in one point, ‘entertainment’. This is one reason why many Telugu films are filled with comedy and Tollywood is also blessed to have some fine breed of talented comedians.

Now, if you have to point out and say who is the Baap of comedy in Tollywood then what will your choice be. Maybe this option can help. A combination of talented individuals is now happening for a new film. First in the list is star writer Kona Venkat who is famous for infusing a lot of comedy and lot of punch in his stories.

Secondly, there is hero Sunil who has redefined humor with his antics. So, imagine what would happen when both Kona and Sunil get together. This would take comedy to a new range. The project has kicked off with Vasu Varma as the director and Dil Raju as the producer. This combo is sure going to create a laugh riot in theatres.