All Eyes On Pranitha's Bikini

By - August 29, 2014 - 10:53 AM IST

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The bikini act is considered to be the boldest and ultimate challenge for any actress. While it is a medium for the struggling starlets to showcase their beauty and grab attention, it is not the case with top league heroines. However, the viewers have the constant curiosity to see the heroines in the much desirable bikini. 

Till sometime back it was Samantha, it got over as she popped the eyes with her two-piece in Sikander. Few years ago, when Billa was arriving, all were going crazy about Anushka, it got over. Now they are saying Tamannah but she made it clear that she won’t do a bikini act or a lip lock sequence ever.

With that, the eyes are now focusing on Pranitha. She gave a visual feast in some of her flicks and so they are waiting for her to take that extra step. But those days are gone when heroine’s bikini will do the magic at box office. Of course, some buzz will be there but film should have content to appease the viewers. The recent venture Sikander came and went and Samantha’s bikini act got wasted. Let us see what Pranitha does.