Superstar's Fans In Tension

By - August 29, 2014 - 03:10 PM IST

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The culture of idol worship is more like a tradition to many of us but the concept of demigod worship is prevalent strongly in India. We are talking about the film stars and the hero worship done by their fans. The emotion is so high that every little act or incident with the star sends ripples of reactions among the fans.

Something like that is currently happening among fans of superstar Salman Khan. The Bollywood hunk who is blasting the box office with his films has also been winning many hearts through his noble acts and charity gestures through his organization ‘Being Human’. But right now, he has put many in tension.

Salman has gone to the US for a complete health check-up and fans are wondering what may be the reason behind this. The star is suffering from trigeminal neuralgia commonly known as the suicide disease. However, news from Salman’s team is that this is a very routine check-up done annually by the star hero and there is nothing to worry. So, if you are a Salman fan then relax!

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