International Celebs @ Indian Cinema

By - August 30, 2014 - 03:44 PM IST

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No matter how far we have progressed and spread our presence across the globe, there is always a fine divide between Indian cinema and the world cinema. However, the Kollywood circuit is one place which has proven its ability to impress even some of the top shot celebrities at international range.
If we look back, the launch of the film Maruthanayagam was graced by her royal highness Queen Elizabeth herself along with few other royal family members. Later, when Dasavatharam had its event, the action star Jackie Chan came all the way to Chennai and zapped many.
Now, the showman of the south Shankar has taken few steps ahead and for his new movie Ai, the special guest will be none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger. That way, whenever Tamil folks do something the hype is of a different range altogether. Waiting for a day when Tollywood also takes such large strides.

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