Praneetha: Male Fans From 15 To 85

By - August 30, 2014 - 03:36 PM IST

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There is arguably no man in the world who doesn’t have a favourite heroine or actress in his life. But it is those few starlets who have the ability to become the dream queen to males from different age groups. Right now, one Kannada beauty is busy bagging the hearts of men aged from 15 to 85.
She is none other than Praneetha Subhash and it is observed that she is being liked by males of all ages. It is a rare blessing for heroines to get such a following given their shortlived careers and the tough competition in their segment. But what makes Praneetha so special? Here are few opinions.
They say it is her eyes and smile that really do the magic. At the same time, it is her homely erotic appeal that stimulates the male instincts. Praneetha is a good blend of domestic beauty and glamorous sex quotient. This is making her the hot property not just for the males but also for the moviemakers.

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