Silver Screen Angel Becomes Painter

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You might feel that an actor or actress have their strength in performing in front of the camera but there are those artists who have certain hidden talents. One person who created a diva image for herself and was worshipped by many Indian men is Sridevi. True to her image and grace, she is called the ‘Athiloka Sundari’.
But if you think that Sridevi is just a top grade performer then here is another side to her. There is an artist in this artist who has proven her mettle on the oil canvas. Well, the silver screen angel came up with a painting and it was more like a tribute to the God of Pop Michael Jackson.
It was the birth anniversary of the legend the other day and Sridevi shared her thoughts with a painting of MJ and a tweet which goes like this –

"A tribute I had painted for Janhvi of Michael Jackson."

For the record, Janhvi happens to be Sridevi’s elder daughter and her work of art goes to show how this beautiful woman has some gifted artistic finesse.

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