Chiranjeevi's Light On Pasupathi Nath

By - September 02, 2014 - 12:28 PM IST

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The aura and charisma of megastar Chiranjeevi has never faded despite the fact that he stepped down from the throne of Tollywood a while ago. Now, with the strong grapevine about his comeback, the enthusiasm and excitement among mega fans and cine buffs has reawakened and the Chiru charisma is back.

Recently the megastar has done something which has thrown light on the famous Pasupathi Nath temple in Nepal. It is heard that Chiru visited the temple a week ago and he has given donation of Rs 2 Lakhs. This discussion has begun making hot rounds in filmnagar and all are casting an eye on this temple.

Few years back, Chiranjeevi shot at Kasi for his blockbuster hit Indra and brought craze to that place. Many Telugu people who visit Kasi discuss it even today. So now, it looks like they might start visiting the Pasupathi Nath temple and start talking more about it as Chiranjeevi has gone there.

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