'Anukshanam' In 3,24,000 Kshanams

By - September 04, 2014 - 12:41 PM IST

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Whether we admit it or not, the fact remains that many of our films take a lot of inspiration from Hollywood and even the big Bollywood is no exception. Right from the plots to making style to characterizations, Hollywood is the mother for many imitations. And now it is time for one Telugu movie to take Hollywood as inspiration for another reason.

We are talking about the film Anukshanam made by Ram Gopal Varma. News is that this film will not have an interval break and will run from start to end without any interruption. Usually, films abroad don’t have the concept of intervals. Now this is being implemented by RGV for his new venture.

The duration of Anukshanam is one and half hours (3,24,000 seconds) and this is slated to be a psycho thriller. The reason behind this idea is to ensure that the momentum and fear psychosis remains intact. So, if you want to buy your popcorn and coke then you better get it before the film starts because there will be no breathing space once you sit inside the theatre.

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