Why 'A' Certificate For 'Power'?

By - September 04, 2014 - 12:36 PM IST

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If you are a filmmaker or a producer, the biggest nightmare for you would not be about how the film will shape up, it will be about what certification the censor board will give after watching it. These days, the censor certificate also plays a key role in influencing the business of cinema and drawing the crowds to the theatres.

This is the major reason why many cine makers run from pillar to post to ensure they don’t get the much dreaded ‘A’ certificate. However, it appears that Ravi Teja could not escape it. Well, his new movie Power has been given an ‘A’ certificate and the film is gearing up to hit the screens on September 12.

Initially 30 cuts were suggested by Censor Board to give U/A. The reason is either blood or navel was seen in those scenes.  The appearance of heroines’ navel in few scenes and songs has been a common thing in films from many decades. But the present Censor Board is still conventional on that aspect. However, the producers have not compromised and they are going ahead with what the censor board has granted. Finally, the only cut that producers agreed to do is muting the villain's dialogue 'mad**chod'. 

Irony is, audience got immune to these things long ago but somehow censor board seems to have reservations and one can never predict when they find something objectionable.

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