Is It 'Beauty And The Beast'??

By - September 15, 2014 - 01:57 PM IST

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If you believe in fairy tales then you will never forget the immortal tale of ‘The Beauty And The Beast’. This was first published in French in the year 1740 titled as ‘La Belle Et La Bete’. Since then, many versions have come of this fairy tale and now it looks like even the Kollywood industry created its own.

This is the talk emanating from many groups after they saw the first few posters and stills of the film Ai. Shankar, also called as the 'Showman of the South', directed this movie and it has Vikram and the British beauty Amy Jackson in the lead. Those who saw the visuals say it reminds them a lot of the ‘Beauty And The Beast’ tale.

Of course, Shankar is not someone to pick up something. He has an amazing potential of creativity! So, he might have created something new from his brain but the essence could be like this. As of now, different interesting speculations are making rounds on Ai. So the suspense will be revealed only after the film hits the screens.

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