Single Poster Record Of Nara Rohit

By - September 15, 2014 - 02:22 PM IST

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In an attempt to create as much impact and publicity as possible, the filmmakers and their teams keep coming up with different visual products about their film. These days different posters and designs keep coming to catch public attention. The visibility aspect is understood but whether it is good enough to pull the crowds to theaters is yet a debate.

However, one actor has thought otherwise. He is none other than Nara Rohit. This budding star with the baritone voice has recently released the poster of his new movie Rowdy Fellow but there is a twist. Instead of coming up with a barrage of posters, 'if one poster is released, it will register a stronger impact' is his concept.

True to that, the single poster which got unveiled is getting an overwhelming response and record hits online. Slated to be a commercial entertainer, Rowdy Fellow  has Vishakha Singh as the leading lady and soon the audio release will take place which would be graced by the AP CM Chandrababu Naidu. The way the single poster has created a stir, it appears that Nara Rohit is in for another success after his last venture Prathinidhi.

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