Top 5 Muscled Men In Tollywood

By - September 16, 2014 - 12:32 PM IST

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Gone are the days when heroes can be perfect in their acting abilities and that would do the trick. In today’s time, a hero needs to set an example for masculinity and strength. This is the reason why many heroes hit the gym and pump the iron to maintain the right kind of physique and muscular built.

In that aspect, the filmnagar circles and few groups of cine goers have come out with the list of the top five muscled men in Tollywood. The first place has gone unanimously to young rebel star Prabhas. Those who have seen his gigantic personality for ‘Baahubali’ are getting goosebumps.

The second spot goes to Daggubati Rana for his towering height and perfect physique. He is followed by Sudheer Babu who has transformed his body into perfect shape. Then there is Sunil who shocked all with his transition from a fat body to a fit body. Last but not the least, it is Aadi, son of Sai Kumar, who has set an example for perfect body by taking the fifth spot.

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