Woes Of Lyricists And Music Directors @ Audio Launch

By - September 16, 2014 - 12:28 PM IST

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According to a strong perception that runs in cinema industry, an audio release event is meant to be the day of the music director and the lyricists. But whenever audio launch happens, it does happen that in some cases, the music directors get ignored and in some cases, the lyricists are not cared for.

As a result, both these people feel upset. But here is a slice of reality, the purpose of audio release event is not for projecting the music director or the lyricist. It is for creating the awareness on the film and ensure that enough impact is created in the people till the film enters the theatres.

What gives kick to the public that is what is spoken at such events. The other problem is, in some instances when lyricists are given the mike, they get all emotional and start giving long speeches. So, what has to be an entertaining event ends up becoming something else. So, the sooner the music directors and lyricists realize the purpose of the audio release events, the better.

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