All Eyes Set On Another Film

By - September 24, 2014 - 03:07 PM IST

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The temperatures that soared to the sky with the hype of Aagadu have now begun to come down and everyone is getting back to normal. But before they can chill out, the adrenalin rush is picking up once again as all eyes are set on another film. This is Loukyam starring the aggressive star Gopichand and the Punjabi Sweet Lassi Rakul Preet Singh.
Now, there is another reason why Loukyam  has generated so much interest. When Aagadu came, public compared it with Geetanjali and Power and director Sreenu Vaitla got trolled implying the absence of the star writer Kona Venkat. Kona played the key role behind the scripts of Geetanjali and Power.

Now, he has a significant presence in Loukyam  as well given the fact that he has contributed to the script and has also taken one area for distribution. So, if Loukyam  works good then it will add more impact to Kona’s stardom and also to the speculation that Vaitla’s main strength has been this star writer. The other highlight of the film is the powerful role essayed by Bollywood star Mukesh Rishi. 

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