He knew his flops beforehand!

By - October 07, 2014 - 10:37 AM IST

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In this world of cinema, we can hardly find stars who are simple, humble and honest. At a place where we see stars super dud films run for 100-200days because of sheer false-prestige, it is a rare instance to find a star who lists his flops and surprises us by stating that he knew it beforehand.

Gopichand is one such star with that super 6th sense power! Gopichand's career is interesting because he got good name as a villian in Teja's Jayam, continued with such roles in successful films like Varsham and later turned to be a promising action hero.

But once he became a hero, he had his share of flops. Well, he made a grand comeback with the recent success of Loukyam. However, talking about his judgment caliber and the streak of flops, he revealed that he knew the fate of few films right away.

He knew that films like Ontari, Raraju and Wanted would fail at the Box-Office. And for films like Wanted, he walked out of the theatre mid-way and even told the director that it would flop for sure. But when quizzed why he couldn’t do anything about those films, he said he just believed more in the judgment and the conviction of his directors!