Actress Blasts The Citizens

By - October 16, 2014 - 06:39 PM IST

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It is often believed and perceived that when you are a film celebrity you have to be extremely careful about what you speak and say on public platforms. But there is one actress who doesn’t really stick to such rules and believes in speaking her mind and heart without mincing any words.

She is none other than Khushbu and she has caught the attention of many with her firebrand statements on her Twitter account. This time, she took to blasting the people of Mumbai. Apparently, the state has just seen its general assembly elections so here is what Khushbu had to say-

"It is a shame to see Mumbai not coming out and voting..what can be anything more important than choosing the right govt? if you cannot vote, don’t complain"

Well, what Khushbu says cannot be denied but it has to be seen how the Mumbaikars are going to react to her blasting's