Lakshmi Rai's Response To A Gossip

By - October 21, 2014 - 03:11 PM IST

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Film heroines and gossips go hand in hand. While some of them end up becoming nasty gossips, some end up helping bring more mileage to the starlets. Most of the times, the starlets end up denying and condemning the news but that’s how the industry and its accessories work.

The latest in that fray is the news about the voluptuous beauty Lakshmi Rai and a gossip. She got to share her thoughts through a tweet like this –

"I don't know from where this new thing started! Every media person is insisting me to sing in my interviews! Hope they don't make me a singer soon".

Now, whether it is happening for real or whether Lakshmi wants media people to ask her to sing is unknown but yes, if she has a good voice then why not.  She has already proved her mettle in terms of beauty and sex appeal. If she could add her voice to it she would gain more brownie points. Only time will tell how this gossip will turn out to be.